Everyone knows that summertime is prime lobster season, what everyone doesn’t know quite yet is that there is a new beer this summer, brewed with live lobsters. When you think about it, lobster beer makes sense. People almost always tend to sip a brew between dips in butter and cracking claws, so why not make things easier by combining the two? Oxbow Brewery in Newcastle, ME knew they had to be the ones to mix these two summer favorites, considering that they reside in the lobster capital of the world.

Now, you’re probably wondering how these geniuses make such a unique beer. Tim Adams, from Oxbow Brewery, explains that the live lobsters are first put into a mesh bag. Then, the bag goes into a kettle filled with boiling wort used to make the beer, along with a touch of sea salt. Don’t worry, Mainers never waste lobster, these tasty little guys were served up for dinner after the brewing process.

But down to the real question here, how does such a beer taste? Most people describe it as light with a mix of saltiness, sweetness, and of course a slight taste of lobster. Sounds like the perfect summer brew! If you love lobster, are tired of using nut crackers, or just want to try something new, take a trip to the beautiful state of Maine this summer and try the Saison Dell’Aragosta!