AirportBarsOne thing we love about airports is how rules of the outside world just don’t apply. Take drinking. A gin and tonic with a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich is not worthy of a second glance.

We imagine those who drink at 6AM to be on Singapore time, or to be nursing a paralyzing fear of flying. Usually, that’s not the case. Early airport bar patrons are just taking advantage of the permission they are given.

At Portland International Airport, you can hook yourself up with a cocktail as early as 5AM. We even think San Francisco serves its fliers at 4:30AM, but don’t quote us.

The reality is that alcohol is easy money for an airport. Nothing brings in the cash like a layover and a barstool. And with flight delays, weather cancellations and layovers that can last five or more hours, the airport bar is a cash cow.

That’s the good news for airport management. The bad news is that airport barflies make running a tight ship harder, and slower. Getting a passenger who’s had one too many through TSA and onto their ticketed flight is a time suck for staff and security.

That said, airport bars are better, hipper, tastier than ever. Here’s a list of the world’s top ten. See you there.