It’s one of the most iconic movies/theme songs in all of cinematic history, so it’s only appropriate that Narragansett bring back their retro “Jaws” can in honor of the summer season. For those of you who aren’t making the connection – Captain Quint famously crushes a Narragansett beer all while searching for a enormous killer shark in open water.

The RI beer monarchs are re-releasing their original 1975 can with an added (charitable) twist this summer. In support of shark conservation efforts in the Atlantic Ocean, they’ve partnered with R.J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program to give ‘Gansett fans the chance to name and track an adopted shark. A shark of your very own? We’ll drink to that.

So how does it work? Narragansett will purchase the satellite tag that will let researchers and fans track a shark and its behaviors. From now until Shark Week (one of our favorite holidays), fans can submit their name suggestions on social media with the hashtag #NameTheShark. We’re pretty sure we’ve got a winning name in our corner, but best of luck to all.

And if you’re not in the mood to track a shark across the Atlantic, just grab a cold one instead. The limited edition throwback cans will be available throughout New England (home of Jaws himself) as well as NY, PA, NC, D.C., and FL.