fantasy-football-meme-injuriesDraft season is officially upon us. Rather than set up shop for 4 hours in the back of a Buffalo Wild Wings, most leagues are content to reserve someone’s living room for the day to take care of business.

Hosting the draft is a huge responsibility. Apart from making sure the draft board is prepared, setting everyone up with Wi-Fi, and ensuring a respectable snack spread – you’re also in charge of supplying the beer. This is debatably the most important aspect of any successful draft.

Drinking on draft day is a pacing game, perhaps even more so than day drinking on the beach in the middle of summer. There’s more at stake here than falling asleep in the sand at 2 PM. We’ve all heard the adage “Don’t Drink and Draft”. And that’s great wisdom, but a draft without a beer in your hand might as well be a tea party. That said, you also don’t want to overdo it and end up with 2 kickers and 3 defenses. That’s why the fantasy draft is the perfect time to reconnect with your college tastes.

That’s right. We’re talking about old fashioned, American beer.

With a reasonable ABV and a taste that goes down like water, old friends like Budweiser and Miller Lite are a welcome addition the scene. Hell, if you’re really getting in the spirit grab some Busch or PBR and call it a day. Your friends may scoff at first, but when they end up with OBJ leading their team to a Championship they’ll have your beer choice to thank.

Save the sophisticated craft beers for the regular season when your lineup is already set. Fantasy drafts are serious business, and you need to be in the right mental shape if you want to come out on top.