SYNEKKickstarter has proven to be a great platform to help innovative ideas get the funding they need to become realities. A few of those great ideas sometimes involve alcohol, which is always a bonus. For example, we just learned about a new Kickerstarter project that would bring draft beer to your kitchen; it’s called SYNEK.

Draft beer is one of our favorite things about going to a bar or restaurant because while we can always have a bottle of beer at home, we can’t get a draft beer unless we leave the house. SYNEK is aiming to bridge that gap and let you put your own mini tap in the kitchen that would dispense a fresh beer whenever you’re in the mood.

The basic idea behind SYNEK is similar to the bag-in-box wine, however, the SYNEK bag is not the same as the boxed wine bag. It’s a patent-pending bag that can hold up to 30PSI, is vacuum-sealed and UV protected so it can maintain quality for months. You just need to fill the bag from any tap, and the SYNEK folks note that if a brewer can fill a growler, they can fill a SYNEK. The bag goes into the SYNEK (which is no bigger or heavier than a toaster oven) and it perfectly chills and pressurizes the brew. The temperature and the pressure are adjustable, so you can tweak it to your own version of perfection.

SYNEK’s initial goal was $250,000 and they’ve already far surpassed that; at the time of writing this blog, they’ve made $460,728 with 12 days of funding time remaining. It looks like they’re hoping to send their first shipment out in early 2015.

We love this idea and it’s obvious that a lot of other people do as well because this project has received some major funding love. However, we’ve also been noticing a lot of these home drinking devices making the rounds lately. Are they just a fad? Or do we think these types of things are here to stay? We aren’t sure whether this would be a life-changing addition to our homes, or if they’re the type of thing someone would add to their wedding registry and then never use more than one time.

What do you think? Have you ever purchased one of these home drinking devices that have been funded on Kickstarter? If so, has it become a big part of your drinking life or is it enjoying a second life as a really expensive paper weight?