Do you need more than just a lavender eye pillow at the end of your yoga class to feel satisfied? Is that kombucha just not cutting it as a post yoga beverage? Or do you need a reward at the end of a class to keep your mind, body, and spirit focused and aligned as your legs shake in warrior II? If you answered yes to any of the above, then we may have a new ideal yoga practice for you.

Caleb Looney and his wife Alisyn Reid are a power couple out of Little Rock, Arkansas currently working on pairing your downward dogs and Namastes with craft house brews. The two have high hopes to open The Asana Alehouse Brewing Company by the end of 2015, which would make it the nation’s very first brewery and yoga studio all under one roof. After achieving ultimate bliss in your yoga class, you can kick back, relax, and celebrate reaching enlightenment with a beer in hand. They’re killing two birds with one stone, a workout and a happy hour all in one! Naturally, the logo features a hops flower in the center of a lotus flower.

The American dreamers will launch a Kickstarter campaign on June 4th for their Asana Alehouse Brewing Company. The couple is looking to open up a studio either in Hillcrest or the Park Hill area of North Little Rock and will also be hosting several tasting in the Little Rock area to introduce the new fitness practice to the public this summer.

You can learn more about the project via the Asana Alehouse Facebook Page.