We could not be more excited for the upcoming Entourage movie set to release June 3rd, and this new dynamic duo is just the icing on the cake! Johnnie Walker has teamed up with the boys of Entourage to produce an original short film featuring one of our favorite fictional characters, Johnny Drama Chase. In just three minutes the short film is packed with comedic genius, which is no surprise considering that it was written by Doug Ellin, creator of the famous HBO series, and directed by Kevin Connolly aka Eric (E) Murphy.

“Johnnie for Johnny” kicks off with Drama prepping for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel to announce his campaign as the new face of Johnnie Walker. In true Drama fashion, Johnny hysterically makes his return appearance (sporting a little too much makeup) on Kimmel, assuring fans that if the campaign goes well Walker may produce a Johnny Drama label in addition to their classic Red, Black and Blue Labels. The short wraps with Drama waking up, realizing the whole thing was a dream.

Marketing gurus over at Johnnie Walker’s parent company Diageo North America hit the gold mine with this promotion which is not only ideal for their target, but also aligns directly with their on going “Keep Walking Campaign.” Dan Sanborn, VP of influencer entertainment marketing, hit the nail on the head when explained to the Media Post “We all have dreams, but it’s not always easy to achieve them. In this short film, Johnny Drama — as only Drama can — brings to life his own dream, bringing some fun and levity to his journey and all of the steps along the way.” We couldn’t agree more with Sanborn, and have to say we thought the original short was dynamite. Now, there’s no need to keep reading about our fan boy admiration for everything Entourage. Check out the original short for yourself on Johnnie Walker’s YouTube channel here.

Be sure to stay tuned for an additional original short video from Johnnie and Johnny which will also be scripted by Ellin and push a “responsible drinking” message.