We think it was Albert Einstein who first said, “Dessert is the most important meal of the day.”

On second thought, maybe we said that last night when we were shoveling an ice cream sundae into our faces. Either way, the sentiment is still the same: dessert is a must.

So you can only imagine how excited we were to read a recent article in the New York Observer about how dessert cocktails have been kicking ass and taking names this summer in major cities. The article, of course, focused on the dessert cocktail scene in New York City.

In city bars across the country, lovers of the nightlife have been combining their favorite snacks and drinks into amazing cocktails. The author of the Observer article thinks the trend may have really caught steam this summer in New York because of jetsetters who like to frequent The Sugar Factory American Brasserie in Las Vegas and indulge in cocktails like Blow-Pop Martinis rimmed with Pop-Rocks.

The trend does appear any time of the day or night, but it seems to be most popular during that awkward time right after work where people want a cocktail and a dessert, but don’t want to have full versions of both before dinner. Some yummy examples of what dessert cocktail lovers in NYC have been enjoying all summer? We thought you’d never ask…

• “Rum Raisin Flip” at Bacchanal: Appleton reserve rum, PX sherry, hazelnut and dale de groff’s bitters, which tastes like a spiked scoop of melted Rum Raisin ice cream.

• “Boozy Cream Soda,” also at Bacchanal: Seltzer, vanilla-infused bourbon syrup, Bulleit bourbon, and topped with cream and bourbon-soaked cherries.

• “Maple Bacon Bourbon Shake” at DuMont Burger: Vanilla ice cream, maple syrup, Old Forrester Bourbon, and bacon. DuMont also has many other types of boozy milkshakes that are hugely popular.

• “Grasshopper” at Saxon + Parole: Creme de menthe, creme de cacao, heavy cream and heavily sprinkled with Valrhona chocolate shavings.

• “The Book Burner” at Beauty & Essex: Scotch-bonnet cherry-infused rum, maraschino liqueur, grapefruit and sour cherry jam (it’s like a boozy cherry pie).

It’s obvious that dessert cocktails have hit NYC hard, but we want to know more about what you’re seeing where you live. Have you encountered any amazing dessert cocktails? Where? Tell us all about them!