We heard from a little birdy, that about 5% of all wine sold is counterfeited. Our first thoughts are, what does that even mean, and who in their right mind would want to do that?

Basically it means that crazy people out there are taking expensive, delicious wine and replacing it with other stuff. They can do this by replacing the actual bottles in a case and then resealing the box, or if they’re getting really sneaky, replace the actual liquid in the bottles. They can make money off of this because it costs them less to make, and they are charging way more for it.

Things to make you feel better:

Yes, 5% is much higher than we would expect for fake wine. But, the wine that is being faked is over $100, and some are over $1,000 for a bottle. It’s not your average table wine. The Yellowtails of the world are safe.

You can be prepared. Watch out for discrepancies in the bottle, capsules, corks, and labels. To get more details check wine-searcher.com

Has this happened to you, or anybody you know? If it did, we want to hear more about it, and we’re hoping the suckers got caught.