9b4c9bd44f2d711b_NG_319-2_0135.xxxlargeDon’t let the back to school signs fool you, it’s still summer as far as we’re concerned. If the dog days are getting you down, you’ve come to the right place for a pick me up. Here at Drinking in America, we’ve compiled a few drinking distractions. Most people are familiar with New Girl’s “True American,” so we found some new games to match with some of the hottest hits of the summer. Settle in with your favorite movie or TV show and stock up on your booze of choice—we’re bringing you a round up of some drinking games for summer series and blockbuster hits. Make sure you have plenty of good friends, good booze, and the fans or AC cranked up high, and, as always, please drink responsibly!

Jurassic World
Who can resist returning to the island where dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes roam free—plus, there’s Chris Pratt in all his comedic and muscular glory. Pair this movie with the perfect amount of action and alcohol.

Take a Drink:

  • Dino on dino violence—it’s like fighting with your little brother or sister.
  • The exploitation of the dinosaurs is too hard to ignore. Triceratops ride, anyone?
  • Someone (usually Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire) is wearing inapproporitate shoes for crashing through a jungle fleeing escaped dinosaurs
  • When you notice a shout out to the original Jurassic Park (don’t ask how that Jeep is still running).
  • Bromance—between the actual brothers or dino-whisperer Chris Pratt and his raptor buds.
  • Genetic hybridization is discussed (can you say “bad idea?”).
  • A dinosaur bursts suddenly onto the scene—saving the day or ruining it.
  • FINISH your drink when Claire outruns the T. Rex in her insane stilettos.

Bachelor in Paradise
If can’t get enough Chris Harrison and drunk former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants, look no further than this drinking game for summer’s hot mess of a show.

Take a Drink:

    • Contestant Ashley S. says something insane
    • Carly trash talks another female contestant
    • Clare talks to an animal
    • Someone ugly cries
    • A make-out occurs
    • Someone has to be blurred or black-barred for nudity
    • Someone uses the words “my journey” or says they’re there for “the right reasons:
    • FINISH your drink if Chris Harrison uses the words dramatic or shocking.

The Walking Dead
This drinking game may make you feel like a zombie the next day, but TWD is the kind of show that definitely calls for some booze.

Take a Drink:

    • For the first walker you see
    • Anytime you’re annoyed by Carl
    • When a main character “goes missing”
    • A southern rock song plays

Two Drinks:

    • Rick does or says something “heroic”
    • Glenn gets sentimental
    • Carl does something he’s not supposed to do

Three Drinks

    • Daryl goes on a walker-killing spree
    • Flashback scene
    • The convenient find of a functional vehicle
    • Someone has a secret they won’t share

Finish Your Drink

  • Preacher kills a walker
  • Anyone is injured by something other than a walker
  • There is a happy reunion
  • Carl loses his hat