In a world where craft breweries are popping up every second, you have to wonder: where are they getting all of this money? It takes a lot more than a dream to open a brewery. We can’t all be spoiled and write a check for kegs and hops from daddy’s checkbook, so brewers are turning to other methods to boost their business. And they’re looking to you to help.


Community supported beer is a trend emerging from upstarting breweries around the country. All breweries do it differently but the concept is the same. You make a long-term investment in the brewery by committing to their beers. The way it typically works: you commit, they send you a certain amount of beer every month and the money you pay up front goes directly to helping the brewery get off the ground.


Oftentimes breweries are using the community supported beer method to supplement other ways they are funding their beer like Kickstarter. Here are a few notable breweries that are taking advantage of and reaching out to the community:



So if you’re a lover of good beer, do your part and support the community. How can you say no when you’re paying to get your growler filled every two weeks of your beer delivered straight to your door every month?


Do you know any local breweries that are community supported? Tell us and we’ll add them to our list.