Drunkest State

We’re taught that stereotyping is bad, but let’s face it: sometimes it happens harmlessly. With that in mind, Business Insider decided to team up with the SurveyMonkey Audience and conduct a poll that asked Americans about other states. They asked a bunch of different questions and the respondents had to answer each question with a state that was not their own. For example, here are a few of the questions they asked:


  • Which state has the weirdest accent? (Massachusetts)
  • Which state has the best food? (New York)
  • Which state has the worst food? (Alaska)
  • Which state is the craziest? (California)
  • Which state has the ugliest residents? (Alabama)


What we honed in on was “Which state is the drunkest?” That’s kind of a stupid question, because believe it or not, not everyone drinks to get drunk. Some of us drink simply because it is awesome. We would have preferred “Which state loves drinking?” or something similar, but whatever, we didn’t major in writing poll questions.


Anyway, we’re sure you’re dying to know which state is perceived to be the “drunkest.” Any guesses?


The winner was Louisiana.


Obviously – Mardi Gras and all that jazz. Other contenders included Texas, California, Nevada, Florida, New York and Alaska (we’d drink a lot if we lived in Alaska, too).


This was the only question about drinking in Business Insider’s poll, so we wanted to ask a few of our own to learn a little bit more about what our readers think about other states. Take two seconds to answer these questions, because we’re dying to know the answers!


  • Which state appreciates a good drink the most?
  • Which state drinks the most beer?
  • Which state drinks the most wine?
  • Which state drinks the most hard liquor?
  • Which state likes creative cocktails the most?
  • Which state has the most home brewers?