As much as we love the holiday season, the amount of gifts we’re supposed to buy for other people can get a little overwhelming… to say the least. We want to show them how much we care, but we don’t want to have to bring our jar of loose change to the bank just so we can buy them something they’ll probably never use again.


That’s why, this year, we’re going to channel our inner Martha Stewart – and what better way to do that than by surfing Pinterest? Of course, we want to stay true to our roots and share our love of booze with all of our family and friends, so all of these DIY holiday gifts are drinking-related. Because, seriously, doesn’t everyone need a stiff drink this time of year?


Drink Markers


These DIY drink markers are so easy to make, but so cute. They are made from bottle caps, so start gathering them up off your coffee table now or go out, grab some bottles of beer and start drinking.


Cocktail Rimming Sugar


You can really do whatever you want with this – just grab some simple tins, put labels on, and tie a cute ribbon around them when you’re done. Create rimming mixes that are spicy, sweet or salty and give them out individually or as sets.


DIY Cocktail Kit


This gift can be totally personalized because you’re basically giving someone all of the ingredients for their favorite cocktail (or your favorite cocktail) all in one stunning box. One of our favorites it this bourbon infusion cocktail kit, but don’t be afraid to get creative.


Mini Alcohol Bottle Christmas Tree Ornaments


If you’re not good at crafty projects, this DIY is for you. Go get some nips at your local liquor store, tie pretty ribbon around the neck of the bottle and voila. You’ve got an ornament.


Homemade BittersBitters

Bitters have a way of making cocktails taste just that much better. If you’re thinking about making homemade bitters, get started now because they take about 3 weeks to age and that’s just about how long you have until Christmas.


Channel your inner DIYer and craft some of these for your holiday gifts. We guarantee your friends and family will be happy.