Part of the magic of Easter is making things fun for the kids, but there’s no reason why adults can’t have a good time as well. Unfortunately, nearly every Easter goodie on the market is geared toward the younger crowd – so as smart, resourceful adults, it’s our job to come up with some DIY projects and create our own Easter excitement.


The Adult Easter Basket: What we really want on Easter, is the bunny to bring us is a good, stiff drink.

billy basket 1This is one is for the beer lovers. Get a case of your favorite beer and cut the top of the box off very carefully – the beers should be sitting right-side up when you’re finished. Next, fill any empty space in the box with some funky plastic Easter grass. Feel free to add anything else you want to the “basket”: nips, candy, a pint glass, a wine opener. We guarantee it’ll be a hit.


The Adult Easter Eggs: Reuse plastic Easter eggs to make Jello shots.

EasterJelloShotsGrab 24 plastic eggs and 2 empty egg cartons. Take the tops off of all of the plastic eggs and just put the bottom halves into the egg cartons. Make your favorite Jello shot recipe and when it’s ready, pour it into the bottoms of the eggs and let them sit in the fridge until they’re good and ready. Once they’re done, click the tops back on the eggs, make a lovely display and watch your Easter guests’ faces when they open the eggs and realize how awesome you are.