The man who said winning isn’t everything never lost a beer bet. After the U.S. men and women both fell to Team Canada in Olympic ice hockey, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry made good on their recent wager with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The Canadian’s reward for the victory were a couple cases of Samuel Adams, which made their way up North this weekend.


This isn’t the first time Obama has had to pay up to Harper. After the 2010 Vancouver Olympic ice hockey final, a case of Yuengling beer was wagered and lost. After the game was settled on the ice Friday afternoon Harper took to twitter to say, “Team USA is good but #wearewinter. I look forward to my two cases of beer.”


Just to show there were no hard feelings, the Boston beer was given a signature label before being sent up to Canada reading, “Competitors this week, forever neighbours.” As the Olympics end, we can all take a lesson in sportsmanship and losing with grace. With that said, we’ll let the Canadians enjoy their hockey glory, it’s really all they have.