If thriller/horror/crazy is your movie genre of choice, or if you still pay attention to commercials, you’ve most likely seen the trailers floating around for the summer sequel that may be just tempting enough to get us in theaters—The Purge. This movie centers around a futuristic society whose government is a tad less than sane. They’ve implemented a twisted yearly ritual called The Purge in which for 12 hours, any crime (including murder) is legal, and all emergency services are suspended. Essentially, your chances of dying go way up.

We surveyed some of our contributors to get an idea of what their last drink before their likely death would be. Some answers showed nostalgia, others apathy, and others strategy.

Here were our favorite answers:

White Wine
“It was my first legal drink, might as well be my last one too.”

Frozen Pina Colada—extra cherries
“No one can make fun of you for choosing a girly drink when you’re dead.”

Johnnie Walker Black Rob Roy—up, with a twist
“It’s a great cocktail, and the only reason not to have several is a killer hangover. Not an issue if I’ll be dead.”

Vodka from a Flask
“I would need something fast acting, strong, versatile, and portable for the running around and panic. And who knows, maybe it would need to be used to clean out any wounds as well.”

“Might as well get it over with.”

In any case, we know that if death were on our doorstep, we’d be knocking back the drinks.