We were planning on writing an article for today about how our DIA family will be celebrating, or not celebrating Easter. Then one of our (anonymous) team members sent us this email…


Family traditions: My dad will probably have a shot of blessed Sambuca (it will be in a basket on the altar, probably with some cheese and meat he hasn’t had during Lent) after church, at around 3AM. Mom probably won’t. Hey, traditions make us who we are, right?


I’ll be drinking: probably one my girlfriend’s father’s Michelob Lager, unless I bring my own beer, which would likely be a murphy’s stout in the widget can. If I need to, I’ll dig into some of her father’s Crown Royal to get into the spirit of martyrdom.


The plans: going to the GF’s parent’s house for good ham, lackluster sides and biting my lip during nonsensical political diatribes. The GF’s sister will probably drink a nine dollar Reisling, possibly with an ice cube in it. Tradition dictates the 95 year old (!) grandmother will have a Kahlua Sombrero, but maybe she’ll have some Reisling as well. GF’s mom will definitely have a white wine, definitely with an ice cube.


If it’s just repeated, is it tradition? If so, my older brother will likely be drinking Scotch on the rocks, but possibly that terrible Captain Morgan’s Tattoo Rum. Maybe if I call and remind him (or just stop by), he’ll break into the Compass Box sampler I got him for Christmas two years ago.


My younger brother? Who knows. Could be PBR tall boys, could be 17 year old scotch, could be some weird aperitif that taste like grass, pencil shavings and despair that only people who work in restaurants drink, probably because the management doesn’t notice when the alcohol no paying customer ever orders goes missing.


And just for completeness, my sister might have a beer that I left in her fridge a couple weeks ago when I was over for sushi, but I imagine she’d do what her wife’s Dad does for passover, which (seriously) might include barbecue. Her wife will likely abstain because she’s about to have an awesome baby at any minute.