Just when we thought the deep-fried nonsense would fade away, it makes its way into our territory. We’ve seen deep fried pickles, deep-fried Oreos, and even deep-fried Twinkies. But now a new fried eat has come into town: deep-fried Tequila shots. Yum?

We know, we know, how on earth can you fry tequila shots? Well, the folks over at Oh, Bite It! have figured it all out, and we’re not ashamed to say that we’re intrigued. By soaking bits of angel food cake in tequila, you are then able to deep-fry ‘em, creating bite-sized “snacks” that some say will get you white-girl wasted.  Resourceful, right?

But wait, there’s more! Not only are fried tequila shots making a name for themselves, but there are also other adventurous alcohol and fast food lovers around the world who have been experimenting with liqueurs and beer. John and Corinne Clarkson of Mister Eaters Eating Emporium in England have started selling “Hot Shots”—deep-fried bits of sponge cake soaked in everything from Bailey’s to Jägermeister. And there’s even a wikiHow page on how to fry beer.

Personally, we’re a little hesitant to try these combos, but if you find yourself so inclined to try them yourself, be sure to let us know! Until then, happy drinking.