Nothing beats it. Well open bars do but that’s a different story. Day drinking is a fantastic spring and summertime activity. That’s right, spring and summertime. It’s not a winter activity. If you’re day drinking in the winter it usually means you’re on the couch, unshowered, drinking in your clothes from the night before. So as long as the calendar reads April-September, you can unashamedly cash in on what day drinking has to offer.

To ensure the ultimate day drinking extravaganza, here’s what I recommend:

  1. Clean up the patio furniture and break out the hammock.
  2. Prepare a cocktail pitcher. Yes, a pitcher. No, not for you to consume yourself. Once your friends see your Facebook status, they’ll too be joining.
  3. Dust off the whiffle bat and ball for when you and the gang get restless.
  4. Play bear pong.
  5. Just in case, pick up a case. The cocktail pitcher won’t last forever.

After you friend DIA on Facebookcheck out the ‘Day Drinking’ fan page. They describe the occasion as “the best thing since slice bread.” I couldn’t agree more.

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? Time to kick off the day drinking season?