Today is a day dedicated to the man who has always had your back, your father. What better way to show ultimate gratitude for the constant support, encouragement and sometimes needed tough love than to sit back, relax and sip on Dad’s drink of choice? On you, of course. We think a man’s favorite drink can speak volumes of the type of dad he is and it only makes sense that his drink matches his general aura. Here’s what we think your Dad’s drink of choice says about him:

Wine: Your dad is an absolute softy. You’ve caught your dad wiping tears from his eyes at every and any type of ceremony you have ever been a part of– your wedding, your graduation, your fifth grade theatre production. He calls you names you don’t understand like Lady Bug or Tiger, two things you are pretty sure you are physically not. After a few glasses of wine this teddy bear of a dad is full of conversation, laughter and probably looks funny with a purple stained mouth.

Beer: Your dad is a man’s man. He’s a tough guy, but you know he’s got a soft spot for you. He probably has a shed full of tools and can fix just about everything– whether its your spirit or a busted door knob. This one of a kind handy man believes anything can be settled with a beer and the perfect way to end a week is a cook out– he is THE grill master. Your dad probably has tried to brew his own beer at least once in your lifetime and maybe even let you sneak a few at a young age.

Vodka Martini: He’s a serious one, but get a few cocktails in him and he is the most hilarious man you’ve ever known. Your dad means business most of the time but he sure knows how to let go and have a great time. He has probably embarrassed himself on the dance floor of a family member’s wedding. His top priorities? Always be there to bail you out of trouble and make sure you can handle your liquor.

Whiskey: He’s wiser than them all. Your dad has taught you everything he knows. He is a sit by the campfire or drink in his man cave type of guy. Being strong in nature, he doesn’t take the good times in life for granted. He’s got soul and a spirit that drives your family and he can handle just about anything– the taste of brown liquor and your life freak-outs included.

Bloody Mary: Your dad is a health nut. He occasionally tries to act like he is down for drinks– especially out to dinner or on vacation. But you know the truth, he doesn’t like it (gasp!). Your dad constantly asks you to join him on a bike ride or a hike. He’s outdoorsy and may also own a “guide to birds” book or some other wild animal that he is fixated on. Your dad is a calm one, and you’ve appreciated this many times. A Bloody Mary in his mind has at least some kind of nutritional value and he’ll take what he can get.

Cheers and Happy Father’s Day!