Was it all just a dream? Did that Christmas whirlwind really just happen?

Oh yes, it happened. And we’ve got the hangover to remind us. Ugh.

We are cheap bastards and didn’t get you a present (sorry about that), but we want to make it up to you with some hangover remedies.

Here are a few hangover remedies that have worked for us:

• Take a shower. It’ll help wake you up a little and lift that weird fog you feel like you’re in. It will also wash the food off your fingers, face and hair – don’t you remember hitting the fridge when you got home?
• Exercise. This one can be so hard, especially if you feel like you are on death’s bed, but we salute you if you are up to the challenge. Drink a ton of water before you exercise because you are super dehydrated, and then try to get your sweat on. Woohoo, endorphins.
• Alka-Seltzer Morning Relief. Alka-Seltzer may be your grandma’s favorite go-to medicine when she has a stomach ache, but this “old-fashioned” company is definitely smart. They created a legit hangover remedy that “packs a maximum strength pain reliever and caffeine into a refreshing citrus effervescent product that is gentle on your stomach and gives you a burst of energy to get you going again.”
• Sleep. Accept the fact that you blew it and just go back to bed. Sometimes all you can do it sleep and pray to stop feeling like your head is going to split open.

PS: Next time you decide to have one too many drinks on Christmas, try to think ahead and keep drinking water throughout the night as well. A little water can play a big part in keeping your head from exploding in the morning.

Keep this list for next week, too. If you think you’re hung over now, just wait for New Years Day.