beer-sampler-today-health-feb-1Because whatever powerful person deemed it so, today is National Crush a Can Day. The Internet tells us that this day is meant to encourage recycling, which we will absolutely be doing. However, we have slightly different plans that involve a very specific kind of can. That’s right Einstein: beer cans. Let’s do Crush a Can Day the DIA way.

So, today we’re talking light beer. The lighter the brew, the easier it goes down, the less bloated you feel, the more beers you can CRUSH. Or at least that’s what we like to think. If you don’t consider yourself a light beer drinker, give it another shot today. Or another drink. Just don’t take a shot of beer, okay? That’s just dumb.

Here we go.

Light beer numero uno is Samuel Adams Light. When you take a lager and make it light, it just automatically has some more body to it. And while you’re crushing this bad boy, make sure to pour a little out for the legendary homie that gives the beer its name.

Next in line is the light beer of frat boys, sports fans, and poor yo-pros: Miller Lite. When you’re going for something cheap, this is a step up from Bud Light and Coors Lite, so it may just be your best option. However, don’t get too used to CRUSHING these; you only live once, and you can’t spend the whole time drinking Miller Lite.

Changing gears, we’re going to head on over the Heineken Lite. While the full version of this beer is definitely for a specific kind of taste palate, the Lite version is tame and satisfying. We don’t know what they did to it, and I don’t think we want to, but whatever it is made this beer a crowd pleaser.

When you’re feeling a little crazy, you know it’s Corona Lite time. By choosing to CRUSH a corona light, not only are you stepping outside the imaginary box of beer peer pressure, but you are delighting your taste buds with a refreshing, rejuvenating adult beverage. But one thing is very important: you cannot forget the lime.

And, saving the best for last, we’re going to finish out Crush a Can Day with our personal favorite: Yueungling Lite Lager.
If there was ever an embodiment of classic American beer, it would be this one right here. With centuries of history behind its back and a smooth lite option, Yueungling was wooed us for sure.