giphyThe world is currently full of green initiatives: walking or biking instead of driving a car, using reusable water bottles, avoiding littering, and shortening your showers (or even showering together if you’re into that kind of stuff). Still, the easiest way for the average person to make a difference is by recycling. Most of us already do it (yay for us), but today provides a reason to start recycle for people who don’t already. Not to mention- a fun reason. It’s National Crush a Can Day so what better excuse to drink some brews and do some good at the same time?

So with that being said- let’s drink up. Follow the instructions to crush it to perfection and repeat. At the end of the night (or day, nobody is judging) throw all of it in a bag and recycle it!

*Safety tip: beware of following this procedure under heavy alcoholic intoxication.

Ideal Can Crushing Technique:

  1. Finish your canned beverage of choice.
  2. Squeeze the sides together at the very middle part of the can until the sides of the can touch.
  3. At the top and bottom part, punch the can together at right angles.
  4. Twist the can in either direction. It should start to get smaller.
  5. Finally, apply force from the top and bottom to make the can as short as you can.