dead-rabbit-menu.jpg.660x0_q85Who chooses a typical dirty martini, when you have the option to order a Gadabout – we don’t know what it is either, but we’re definitely intrigued. Recently we stumbled across a collection of crazy cocktail menus put together by the Mode, that we just had to share. These cocktail lists go above and beyond the average list of classics, with some offering hundreds of combinations to choose from and others that tell an elaborate story. Here are 7 craziest cocktail menus Jake Emen from Mode recommends checking out.

1.) The Dead Rabbit is frequently named one of the best cocktail bars in the country, let alone in it’s hometown of Manhattan. Their rotating menus tell stories and offer drinks that go along with the characters in them. Their current 4th menu retells a story of gangland violence in the 1970s. New York, NY

2.) CopyCat Co.’s Cocktail Menu is portrayed on a massive, bright chalkboard which promises to lead you to the cocktail you truly desire. Washington, DC

3.) The Tequila Bible, written and blessed by El Centro, offers over 230 tequilas to their patrons. Order one shot or put together a flight if you’re feeling brave. Washington, DC

4.) If you thought the Cheesecake Factory’s menu resembled a hefty novel, then you’ve yet to visit Jack Rose. They call their Whiskey menu “The Book,” which features more than 2,400 varieties of whiskey. Washington, DC

5.) Who ever said coloring is just for kids? Bartender Adam Bernbach from 2 Birds, 1 Stone draws his cocktail menus up on a weekly basis, enticing guests who are looking for something very unique. Washington, DC

6.) If you happened to goof off in your high school chem class this particular cocktail menu may be a little tricky to read. Down under at The Alchemist they offer guests a periodic table of cocktails to choose from. The menu resembles a periodic table, creating a riddle for the guests which results in a two components that blend perfectly together. Melbourne, AUS

7.) The owners of Three Dots and a Dash know very well that a picture is worth a thousand words. Their colorful menu takes the guest on a tropical adventure with illustrations of every drink next to its description. From tiki drinks to punch bowls there’s something for everyone on this menu. Chicago, IL