Last week it came out that Lindsay Lohan owes the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles over $46,000, with $3,145.07 of that being her mini bar charges. That got us thinking – which celebrities have spent more on drinking in one night than normal people spend all year? Here are the big spenders we found:

Jay-Z : $250,000
Back in August 2011, Jay-Z was five months away from becoming a new father and did what any future parent would do – he spent $250,000 on champagne. Several bottles of Ace of Spade champagne, to be exact. Jay was at Club Liv in Miami celebrating his Watch the Throne release party and he also succeeded in de-throning the club’s reigning big spender, Mark Cuban. Up until Jay-Z pulled out his credit card, Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, held the club’s record with a $110,000 tab.

DeSean Jackson – Over $25,000
Football player DeSean Jackson was at The Colony in LA with his friends and decided to keep it classy by Tweeting about his $25,000 bar tab. There is a picture of a receipt that covers how much he spent in the first 17 minutes in the club and it is to the tune of $10,335.82. What did that get him? 4 bottles of Ace of Spades, 3 big bottles of Grey Goose, 2 bottles of Patron Silver…and a whole lot of cocktail diggers.

Christina Aguilera – $8,000
Compared to the rappers and athletes, Christina Aguilera is a minor league drinker. However, if you consider that she is approximately a foot shorter than these other dudes and she was in the Mickey Mouse Club, she’s pretty much on par with them. After performing at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in London, she paid $9,000 for her entourage to get on a train to Wales and then partied in to the night at St. David’s Hotel.