The World Cup is drawing attention to so many different countries around the globe right now, and so naturally that got us to thinking: Which countries spend the most money on beer and which countries spend the least?

Luckily, Finances Online did all of the heavy lifting for us and recently put out a few awesome drinking-related infographics, among which they answer our two questions above.

10 Countries That Spend the Most on Beer Per Person Per Year

If you had to guess right now, which country would you think spends the most? Germany? The United States of America? Ireland?

Those countries all make the top ten, but number one may surprise you a little bit:

1) Australia, $747.90

2) Ireland, $688.10

3) Finland, $565.82

4) New Zealand, $452.90

5) Venezuela, $444.60

6) United Kingdom, $393.19

7) United States, $356.20

8) Canada, $351.89

9) Denmark, $262.06

10) Germany, $235.54

Remember, these are the countries that spend the most, but the don’t necessarily drink the most.

10 Countries That Spend the Least on Beer Per Person Per Year

Now let’s flip things around and see which countries aren’t willing to spend the big bucks on beer… fools.

1) Ukraine, $72.69

2) Bosnia and Herzegovina, $99.86

3) Bulgaria, $119.81

4) Panama, $123.45

5) Slovakia, $136.38

6) Hungary, $138.32

7) Mexico, $141.36

8) South Africa, $147.86

9) Lithuania, $147.90

10) Romania, $148.10

Finances Online made an interesting point the enforces the point that just because a country doesn’t spend a lot, doesn’t mean they aren’t drinking alot; Romanians are one of the heaviest beer drinkers, but apparently, they’re still on the list for spending the least on it. They just like their beer cheap and plentiful… ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.