Halloween is on a Friday this year, which means it’ll be more difficult than ever to get away with going costume-less. If you want to party on Halloweekend, you’ve gotta put in the effort just like everyone else. So what are you supposed to be? Choosing between spending money on a costume or alcohol is a tough call, so why not do both? Buy your booze and make a costume with the scraps. Here are a few of our favorite ways to dress like you drink:

Bud Light Knight: Throw some 12-pack boxes around your arms and legs, a 30 around your torso, and a 6-pack on your head. Or get as creative as the guys in the picture to the right. It’s amazing what you can do with a little bit of tape and a lot of time. If you can’t finish all of that beer before the 31st, you don’t deserve to dawn the blue and silver.

Boxed Wine: Finally your classless taste will work in your favor. Get the biggest box you can find and cut some holes for your arms. Tape the label to the front or draw it on if you’re feeling artsy. No boxes in sight? Just wrap the wine box around your waist and drink straight from the bag all night. It’s simple, but if you have a better way to make friends than dispensing wine like a fountain then let us know.

Beer Pong: Tape a few solo cups to the front of your shirt and grab some of those ping-pong balls you’ve had hiding in the closet. Bing bang boom you’re done. We suggest you keep your glass full to help numb the pain of people taking shots at you all night.

Sure they’re cheap and easy. But you know what they say: you are what you drink.