untitledAntonino Fernández, Corona’s founder, died earlier this year at the age of 98. His estate at the time was valued at approximately $210 million (that’s a lot of moola). With all of his success, he still stuck to his roots in Cerezales del Condado which is located in the northwest of Spain. He invested in several areas of his hometown to improve drinking water, to restore a beloved church and to redevelop the public town square.

The town residents adored him. Some even thought that maybe a portion of what he left in his will would be allocated to them but it has been confirmed to be untrue. His family recently opened his will and it was not made public who the money was left to. However, they did state that there wasn’t anything about the town mentioned.

Although his hometown was not included in his will, Antonino’s memory will remain highly prestigious. Above was just a short list of the good deeds he did in his lifetime. He was known for being a philanthropist who benefited several charities that focused on helping the disabled find employment.

So we’d like to raise an ice cold Corona to the great Antonino Fernández- for giving the world Corona but more importantly giving back. No beach day would be the same without him, Cheers!