We’ve been seeing a trend lately in some of the booze news we’ve been reading: there’s been a lot of talk about the design of liquor bottles. We think how an alcohol looks on the outside is (almost) as important as how it tastes inside our mouths, so we thought it would be fun to look at some of the recent news and innovations in bottle design.


Absolut Texas




First of all, Absolut, aka King of Awesome Bottles, has released its first state-inspired vodka in its Limited Editions portfolio. Which state got the honors of being first? Texas, where they go big or go home. The art on the bottle is designed by Texas native Cruz Ortiz, who hails from San Antonio. He designed a black “cosmic caballero” boot against a stylized Texas landscape and his take on the famous Texas star. As for the taste? Absolut Texas combines flavors of cucumber and serrano chiles in the 750-ml bottle.






One liquor bottle got a total redesign recently as Tanqueray No. Ten’s bottle morphed into the shape of a lemon juicer. Diageo wanted the green bottle to reflect the citrus character of the gin, so there are 10 indentations running down the length of the bottle in an Art Deco design. It looks like the love child of a juicer and a cocktail shaker. Pretty badass, if you ask us. The design is being launched in the U.S. currently and the rest of the world will get a look at it in stores later this spring.


Crystal Head




If you’ve seen a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka before, then you know the bottle is legitimately shaped like a giant skull. Well, there are forensic geeks out there who reconstruct the faces of found bones for their line of work – and one of them decided to use his skills to figure out what the Crystal Head Vodka skull’s human face would have looked like if it had actually been from a real person. Nigel Cockerton went step-by-step, starting with putting in the eyes, then musculature, skin, and finally hair. The result? Well, we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. This gentleman looks like he used to be a pretty happy guy before his head turned into a vodka bottle.



Have you heard about or seen any cool new liquor bottles recently? Tell us about it – or better yet, show us a picture.