concannonirishwhiskeyIf there’s Irish whiskey around, we’ll be drinking it. So it won’t surprise you that our team was pumped when we received a bottle of Concannon Irish Whiskey to taste.


Concannon is a classic Irish spirit with a twist. Matured in bourbon barrels for up to four years, its then finished off in Concannon Petite Sirah wine barrels. The result, also known as the “Concannon Effect,” is a sweeter whiskey with a hint of fruit. Our first impression of the bottle was that it looked simple, traditional, and the label reminded us of wine (go figure.)


Smell: Let’s just say it’s obvious it was aged in wine barrels. The distinct scent hit us right when we opened the bottle. It got us really excited for the tasting, and any whiskey that smells like wine we have to try.


Taste: With a sweet smell, comes a sweet taste. The flavor was a bit different than the classic Irish whiskey taste, lacking some of the complexity of more established brands. The sweetness made it very easy to drink, and we would recommend it to people who are new to the category, as opposed to more seasoned whiskey drinkers.


Finish: The flavor lingered on the tongue and had a relatively smooth finish. We didn’t mind it on the rocks but a cocktail is the way to go. Try it with a little ginger ale and you won’t be disappointed.


Like we said, we love Irish whiskey. Concannon might not be the best we’ve ever had but we would definitely pick up a bottle at only $24.99. Have you ever tried it?


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