Infusion in Jar.jpg.824x0_q85The holidays are behind us and without all the shopping trips and company parties eating up our free time, we realize that we have so much more spare time to partake in one of our favorite hobbies, infusing booze.

Gin is one particular spirit that we would like to master this season, because we believe that it emulates the crisp winter weather that’s about to hit most of us like a ton of bricks. Gin has a stronger flavor profile than most clear liquors, and when infusing it’s very important to keep the botanical flavor in mind. So we’ve done a little research, and although we do not consider this spirit a blank canvas when it comes to infusing, we do think these fruits, veggies, spices and herbs pair perfectly with the fresh, piney flavor.

Ingredients Ideal For Infusing with Gin;

• Cucumbers
• Apples
• Blackberries
• Lavender
• Basil
• Lemon verbena
• Earl Grey
• Grapefruit
• Ginger
• Star Anise
• Pear
• Rosemary

And as always, feel free to get creative and pair these ingredients up!

Once you’ve chosen your ingredient to infuse with your gin, remember to follow these few tips to ensure a perfect finished product!

1. You’re best off using an container with an air tight seal, such as the classic mason jar.
2. More than three days of infusion is not necessary. The flavors seep into the gin much faster than you’d think.
3. Strain Strain Strain! It’s never fun finding a soggy fruit peel in your drink.

Be sure to let us know how your infused gin turns our in the comments section below!