As innovative drinking individuals, we are always looking for the next cocktail experiment or boozy advancement. So if you’re growing tired of your same old go-to cocktail or looking to bring out your inner scientist, you won’t want to miss what we just learned about the Reverse Spherification of cocktails.

Reverse Spherification is the infusion of a liquid with a mixture of calcium lactate glutonate and calcium lactate and the submersion of the mixture into a sodium alginate bath. Don’t let the fancy words intimidate you. Essentially, your favorite cocktail is mixed in a sodium alginate bath and the result is small gel-like spheres made of your favorite cocktail. They will pop in your mouth with a burst of deliciously-cool cocktail flavor.

Molecular Gastronomy Chef, Ferran Adria, began the movement to use this technique in cocktail mixology and he continues to influence other mixologists who work at molecular gastronomy restaurants. If the brief thought of the science behind this peculiar creation sent you straight back to 11th grade physics and blew your mind, don’t worry– it did for us too. But, with just a little patience and determination you can make these wonder-spheres at home.

So let the scientist in you come out to play, however small that part of you is, and bask in pride knowing you brought the coolest form of booze to the party. Check out this recipe by molecularrecipes.com and make your first batch for your next summer night out.