Venture down into the rabbit hole with us. Today, in celebration of National Mad Hatter Day, we’re sampling some of our favorite twisted and slightly bizarre Alice in Wonderland inspired cocktails. Because we’re all a little bit mad, aren’t we?

First, we’re looking at The Purple Cat.

1 oz. Pinnacle marshmallow flavored vodka
1 oz. mango vodka
1 oz. Absolute Peppar vodka
1 oz. dark chocolate liqueur
Maraschino cherries

Combine the alcohol in your strangest glass. Top off with sprite and cherries. This unusual combo of flavors is sure to bring out the weird Cheshire Cat in you. Enjoy.

Next, let’s channel our inner Alice with a shot in her name: The Alice in Wonderland Shot

1 oz. Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur – chilled
2/3 oz. Tequila Gold – chilled

Pour orange liqueur in the shot glass and then carefully pour tequila over the back of a spoon positioned over glass mouth. Chug. Beware of potential, unexplainable shrinking and/or growing.

Lastly, we’re toasting with a drink to celebrate the day: The Mad Hatter

1 oz Vodka
1 oz peach schnapps
1 oz lemonade
1 oz Coca-Cola

Shake and strain, serving straight up. Have a very merry unbirthday.