Cocktail SubscriptionThere’s a subscription service for shaving, razors, jewelry, even clothing and now—best of all—for alcohol. Beer and liquor delivery services have been on the scene a while now, but these cocktail subscription boxes take boozing at home to another level. We don’t know about you, but a cocktail subscription might just be going to the top of our Christmas lists.

Saloon Box

How it Works: Sign up and each month you receive a box with all the ingredients needed to make two different cocktails. Each recipe serves two (so 4 drinks total per box) and is created by a well-known mixologist. Saloon Box allows you to try products that aren’t easy—or are impossible—to find and buy on your own. The service launches this month and the sneak peak reveals that the two cocktails will be: The Smash and the Caipirissima. Made with top shelf ingredients, Saloon Box makes sure you have everything you need—from the bitters to the lemon wedge.

Pros: top shelf ingredients and recipes from the best mixologists. Price: $32/month

Crafted Taste

As their website says, “This is no ordinary cocktail subscription box.” Crafted Taste features unique recipes from around the globe so that subscribers can drink cocktails from the world’s best bartenders without paying for the plane ticket. Not only do the kits contain all the necessary ingredients, the hand-selected spirits are full-sized bottles. The folks at Crafted Taste also work with subscribers each month to make sure each kit matches your personal taste so you’re never stuck with supplies you won’t use. They also offer kits for sale without the monthly subscription if you’re interested in trying out Crafted Taste but commitment makes you nervous. With Crafted Taste, you can explore the cocktail world without leaving home.

Pros: full-sized bottles and customized to your taste. Price: $130/month

Bitters and Bottles

This subscription service is more than just a package of ingredients. Bitters and Bottles wants to teach you how to build your own home bar and actually use it. They also pair each box with history, science, and significance—so that you do more than just follow a recipe. Each box comes with 5 recipes with history, instructions and tips, 3-6 full size spirits, AND each box builds on the previous shipments to help build your complete home bar. Bitters and Bottles prides themselves on the right balance—not too fancy but not too simple.

Pros: full sized bottles, fun booze history, and creating your own bar. Price: $85/month

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