For cocktail enthusiasts, making the perfect drink ‘on the rocks’ is an artform in itself. Whether you’ve got your sights set on crafting the perfect margarita or serving your favorite bourbon in a way that maximizes its flavor and complexity, here’s what we recommend:


What Type of Ice is Best for My Cocktail?

There are a handful of common techniques for ensuring your drink stays cold, each specific to different types of libations. You’ve probably seen a few of them out in the wild. Here’s a refresher:



What Drinks are Served with Ice?

Think about the common denominator of all your local bar’s ‘greatest hits.’ Done thinking? They’re all served with ice cubes, AKA on the rocks. Most ‘tenders will tell you that the bigger the cubes, the better, as they’ll melt at a slower rate and dilute the drink as little as possible. But really, any ice shape will work.



What Drinks are Served with Crushed Ice?

Some drinks are served specifically with crushed ice to create a slushy-like texture. These are usually summertime favorites, typically built with dilution and hot weather in mind. Classic examples are daiquiris, juleps, and mojitos.



What Drinks are Served Chilled?

Fancier cocktails may be served in a chilled glass, which keeps the beverage cool without the risk of being watered down by ice. We’ve been served chilled glasses for drinks ranging from pints of beer to mules and martinis. Also, if you order a cocktail at a bar, it is likely shaken with ice and then strained into the glass for maximum craftsmanship and minimum temperature. 


What are Ice Balls?

You’ve likely seen ice balls (or whiskey balls, or ice spheres, or any of the other hundred names they have) if you’ve been to a real high-end place that values the subtle flavors of its liquor, like a distillery, for example. 

The round shape means less surface area for the ice, and as a result, less contact with the liquid in the glass for a slower melt time. Plus, they just look cool. If you’re a bourbon nut or just want to give a fun gift to a fellow liquor lover, you can get ice molds in all kinds of shapes online these days. 

Stay cool out there! Have any ice tricks of your own? Drop a comment and fill us in!