Winter Julep

Who doesn’t love a great cup of tea on a winter night? We love it even more when there’s bourbon involved. We’re into recipes that are easy to make and taste delicious at the same time, like the Winter Julep. It’s a play on our favorite Kentucky Derby cocktail and we’ll be drinking them all season. Here’s what you’ll need:


1 tsp. peppermint tea

1.5 oz. bourbon

.75 oz. brown sugar syrup (see below)

Hot water

Mint sprig


To make brown sugar syrup, combine equal parts dark brown sugar and boiling water. After mixing, allow to cool.


Brew tea in boiling water for four minutes. Add bourbon and brown sugar syrup and stir. Garnish the glass with a mint sprig and enjoy this warm cup of awesome while it’s still hot. Bonus tip: Fill you tea mug with boiling water to warm it. Dump out and fill with your bourbon tea concoction.