Antipode drink

It doesn’t have to be March 17 to enjoy a little whiskey in your coffee. Though the coffee and Irish whiskey combo is a staple in any respectable drink repertoire, we’re stepping up our game and trying the latest buzz worthy drink: The Antipode.


All you need is:

  • Coffee ice cube
  • Your whiskey of choice


The ingredients may sound simple but the flavors that come out of the drink are complex and delicious. Start with your coffee ice cube; make sure it’s a big one to get all the coffee flavor you can. Slowly, (we repeat: slowly) pour the whiskey over the cube until it just covers it.


The cocktail will be mostly whiskey flavor in the beginning but as the ice cube melts, you’ll start to taste the coffee in a big way. Whiskey and coffee lovers will love this one. You can thank us later.