5-octobers-finest-squash-centric-cocktails-Winter-Squash-Cocktail-720x480-inlineMost people reach for the Pumpkin-flavored drinks in the Fall months, but there are some among us who dare to dream bigger, or at least in a different shape. Squash is a seasonal gourd that was truly meant to be vodka infused. It’s a brave choice, and preparation takes a few days, but the flavor is well worth the effort. Plus, now you don’t have to worry about getting your required daily serving of vegetables.


1 Butternut Squash

1 750ml Bottle Vodka

2 tbsp Simple Syrup

1 tbsp Freshly Squeezed Lime

1 tbsp Freshly Squeezed Lemon

1 Sage Leaf

1 pinch Ground Cinnamon

1 pinch Grated Nutmeg

To infuse: Roast the squash in a 450F oven for hour or until skin is blistered. Remove from oven and cool until you are able to handle it. Cut in half and clean out the seeds and fibers. Pull off the skin and cut it into 2 inch chunks. Put the pieces in a large container. Add vodka while the squash is still warm. Cover it up and set it in a dark area for 5 days, swirling occasionally. Taste to see if you’ve achieved the desired flavor, then strain the vodka through a wire-mesh sieve lined with a double layer of damp cheesecloth. Discard the solids, cover the remnants, and refrigerate.

For Cocktail: Fill a shaker 2/3 with ice cubes. Combine ½ cup of butternut infused vodka with simple syrup, lemon juice, and lime juice. Shake until chilled. Strain your drink into a martini glass. Float the sage leaf on top. Mix cinnamon with the nutmeg and sprinkle on top. Enjoy.

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