The first day of October has already fallen to the second. We are sinking deeper into our cashmeres and heavy knit sweaters by the day. However, in Napa Valley the sun still shines brightly, and the blood oranges continue grow. Mojito’s are the infamous summer season cocktail, and with this recipe we don’t intend on letting them slip from our fingers as quickly as those last few warm September days did. The San Pellegrino Blood Orange Mojito is a graceful slide into cold season fruits and cocktails while retaining the refreshment of the long gone summer days. Cheers to turning over old leaves. You’ll need:

2 1/2 ounces light rum
4 ounces San Pellegrino Limonata
1 1/2 ounces simple syrup
2 blood oranges, cut in wedges
Handful of mint leaves

In a large bowl, combine blood orange wedges, mint leaves and a light sprinkle of sugar. Muddle all the ingredients together until most of the juice is extracted and the mint leaves are bruised. Distribute muddled oranges and mint leaves between two glasses. Fill with ice. Add rum, simple syrup and San Pellegrino Limonata. Stir and serve immediately.

TIP: For fancier ice cubes, freeze 1 part San Pellegrino Limonata and 1 part orange juice. Drop one segmented wedge of blood orange in each mold. Allow freezing time before serving your cocktails.