bloody-mary-surf-n-turfIt’s Sandwich Day but it’s also Thirsty Thursday so obviously we’re going to combine these two beautiful things. Why not make a delicious cocktail by mixing your favorite food and drink? We’re not talking about the mundane fruit garnish or anything like that. Today deserves a more adventurous, satisfying combo. So here are some delicious recipes that top your cocktail off with a sandwich.

We’re taking a Bloody Mary to the next level. You can either buy a pre-made mix at the store, make your own (in a blender, mix tomato juice, lemon juice, lime juice, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, garlic and hot sauce and process until smooth), or go out for brunch to any place that serves cranked up bloodies. Regardless, it’s time to ditch the celery and garnish with:

  • Bacon cheeseburger sliders
  • Loaded steak and cheese sliders
  • Crab cake sliders
  • Pulled pork slider
  • Gourmet Grilled Cheese

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, we found a BLT Cocktail (yes, you read that correctly) that is to die for.

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 1/2 oz bacon infused Flor de Caña 7 Year Rum
  • 2 oz Sacramento tomato juice
  • 1 dash Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 pinch celery salt
  • 1 pinch black pepper
  • 1 splash lemon juice
  • 1 dash horseradish
  • Sprinkle of fresh cilantro

Pour all ingredients over ice, shake, and then strain over ice. Wrap Bibb lettuce around bacon and avocado and use a toothpick to pin it with a cherry tomato for garnish.

Sunday is fast approaching and these super Bloody Mary’s will make your Sunday Scaries a thing of the past (and your hangover, too).