Tuesday was a big night to say the least. We’ll avoid getting into the rather obvious upset, but instead, we’ll skip to the good stuff. Recreational marijuana was on the ballot in five states this election and passed in California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and…we’re still waiting on Arizona. In honor of such a progressive advance (at least, we see it this way) in an otherwise backwards leap of an election, we’re rounding up the best part of this change: the weed infused booze that come along with it.

Mary Jane Wines: A coupla’ winemakers of California have been up to something. The marijuana-infused wine is the first to enter the market, and you guessed it – you can get tipsy and stoned at the same time. Disclaimer: California is currently the only state where this cannabis creation is sold, and it might cost more than you’d expect ($120-$400). But hey – road trip anyone?

Humboldt’s Distillery: Ok, so it only contains a THC content of less than .3 percent – but it might trick you with its taste. The vodka, available only in California and Colorado retains an herbal and aromatic quality just like fresh cannabis. Next time you’re in CA or CO, remember to replace your gin with some of Humboldt’s Finest.

Cheers to not hiding it!