Cocktail Corner: The Martini

Cocktail Corner January 18, 2014 1 Comment.

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The martini. It’s been a staple since before 007 and has become one of the best-known cocktails of all time. They taste good, and there are tons of variations on the classic.


You can shake it, stir it, add vermouth or a twist; the possibilities are endless. Some people drink them with vodka, others with gin. Here are the components to choose from to create your ideal martini:


Liquor (choose one)






Olive Juice



Pearl onion

Olive (preferably stuffed with blue cheese)

Lemon twist


Pick your liquor of choice. Add a splash of vermouth and either shake or stir to perfection.  Serve it in a chilled cocktail glass with the garnish of your choice.


How do you take yours?



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