No matter your heritage or ethnicity, there are aspects from all different cultures that you can (or should) appreciate. For example, think Italian pizza, Mexican tacos, Japanese sushi, or American hot dogs. These foods all arose from different regions around the world, and they’re awesome. This can even extend to alcoholic drinks. Most obviously, Mexico bestowed tequila upon us, the Caribbean brought us rum, and Russia gave us vodka. But today, we’re going to pay a little more attention to one country in particular: Ireland. This grand nation gave us two very special types of booze: whiskey and Baileys. Combined with the right ingredients, these gifts create one of the greatest winter cocktails out there. That’s right, today we’re talking Irish Coffee.

We thank the Irish for their simplicity, because honestly, this drink couldn’t be more straight forward. However, its flavor is not at all compromised.

Irish Coffee
recipe via: Baileys Irish Cream

You’ll need:
-2 oz. of Baileys Original Irish Cream
-6 oz. of hot coffee
-1 oz. of Irish Whiskey
-1 dollop of whipped cream (optional)

Combine the liquids in a tall “Irish Coffee” glass. Top with whipped cream. Rejoice.