Mr. Cocktail got a little jealous of Mr. Beer and decided he needed to crank up the competition. So enters Mr. Cocktail into the tap world. With innovative science and precise measurements, mixologists have made the impossible, possible!

Hard to imagine anything wrong with this idea, but critics have been out to get this one. Here is a very important list of pros and a less important list of cons:


  • Time is money and so is that decadent tequila sunrise with extra Oj, just a splash of grenadine (because it makes your stomach hurt) and 5 ice cubes.
  • Allowing the liquids to sit longer together and mix can change the cocktail in a positive way.
  • Samples, samples, samples. Could I try the Long Island? Nah, didn’t like that. I’ll have the Whiskey Sour.
  • Larger pours. Just keep pouring, just keep pouring, just keep pourin’, pourin’, pourin’.


  • Just as the jungle juice in college was just a little off, so can any other mixture stirred into a large container be. Throwing in the wrong amount of anything can cause the liquids to separate, resulting in something slightly clumpy.
  • In big batch, you can’t afford to mess up. You are stuck with it. So drink up.
  • Some of us just like to watch the hot bartender perform his/her magic. We’re not cool with this going away.

We’re not about to substitute big batch tap cocktails for the old-fashioned way for good, but we’re all for trying something new. Happy drinking!