There are many reasons to enjoy an ice cold beer, but Molson Canadian has added a more noble reason to the list: to help the environment.

Hoping to encourage younger beer drinkers to love their planet a little bit more, Molson is handing out one million beer coasters embedded with seeds so that folks can plant trees. You can get the coaster one of two ways – either buy a crate of Molson Canadian or order a beer at your local bar. The coasters are made out of a special kind of seed paper, so all you have to do is plant it and let Mother Nature take care of the rest.

If you’re the type of person who isn’t easily swayed just by the prospect of doing good, don’t worry…there are more selfish incentives as well.

Every coaster as a PIN printed on it. Go to the Red Leaf Project page on the Molson Canadian website, enter the PIN and you’ll have the chance to win tickets to an outdoor concert in Canada.
Molson Canadian has $400,000 that they want to donate to local parks. When you enter the PIN on their website, make sure to type in your address and they will donate some of that money to a park near you.
Sign up to volunteer at one of Molson’s 100 Park Projects across Canada and you’ll get guaranteed tickets to the Molson Canadian Red Leaf Project show in Toronto.

What do you think of this promotion? Is it nice to see a company being environmentally conscious or do you think their faithful drinkers will even care?