Prawn-cocktailEvery now and then, there comes a time when you just can’t overlook those expired items in your fridge anymore. There’s some mystery gunk on one of the shelves, maybe three different orange juice cartons all with only two sips left, and perhaps you just discovered that half-eaten sandwich you were saving for lunch a week ago. Whatever the state of your fridge may be in, it’s Clean Out Your Fridge Day today, so you can’t make anymore excuses. But before you start deep cleaning your fridge, don’t throw everything out because you may be able to save some of those (unexpired) items to whip up a very delicious and rare cocktail! So gather all of your booze, get your blender ready, and prepare to make some of the most interesting drinks you’ve ever heard of.

Yogurt, Honey, and Cucumbers

Yogurt is actually becoming quite the trendy ingredient in craft cocktails nowadays. It adds creaminess, sweetness, and tons of vitamins. You can use any flavor yogurt you want, and the kind with the fruit on the bottom makes it even better! After you put your yogurt in the blender, add gin, some refreshing cucumbers, and honey to sweeten it even more. When it’s all blended, pour it in a short glass with some ice. You just made a Petale a la Ferme out of leftovers!

Avocado, Lemon, Beets, and Carrots

If your vegetables are about to go bad, you can whip them up into a smoothie just like you normally would. Except this time, add tequila and those last few sips of orange juice in the mix.

Pickles and Lime

At first, the thought of dill combined with alcohol might make you cringe, but there are plenty of pickle juice cocktails that are surprisingly tasty. So before you throw out your pickle jar, experience this tangy treat. First, pour some of the juice out into a martini glass, garnish with a pickle and a lime, and top it off with some dry gin, and there you have a Dill Pickle Martini!

Mustard, Celery, Tabasco Sauce, and Tomatoes

This one sounds scary, but many Bloody Marys have some of these exact ingredients. First, blend the tomatoes and create your own tomato juice. In a large bowl or pitcher, add your tomato juice and a pinch of all the other ingredients. Pour it in a glass, add a celery stalk, and complement generously with vodka.

Ice cream, Chocolate, Whipped cream, and Cherries

We don’t know why you would ever throw out chocolate in the first place, but just in case, don’t because they are the perfect ingredient to make a cocktail both sweet and savory! With these four ingredients (and vodka, of course), you can make a delicious chocolate martini. Blend the ice cream, chocolate, and vodka. Then, pour it in a martini glass and top it off with whipped cream and a few cherries.