giphy-2After buying that bottom shelf vodka, you’re starting to have second thoughts on whether or not to even drink it. Luckily there are several ways to turn this cheap vodka into a classy drink. The first method is to bubble it up, now don’t just use tonic to make something easy. Find yourself a craft carbonated drink, whether it’s from your local seltzer or soda makers, this will ensure a great new flavor to take away that bottom shelf taste.

Another option is to morph the inexpensive booze into an ice pop to beat this summer heat. Soak the vodka in some fruit then put it in your favorite homemade popsicle base. Freeze it and enjoy. Additionally, you can cook the vodka. The flavor will be cooked out and you can make, say, a delicious pasta sauce with onions, garlic and some ground beef (why not?). Are these options still not to your liking? Then infuse some gummy bears with the vodka, make sure to immerse them evenly or you’ll be sure to taste the strength of the cheap spirit.

On another note, if you have vanilla beans on hand, you can also make your own vanilla extract. It may take up to two weeks for it to be ready, but once you make it, it’ll definitely be worth the effort. You can also infuse the bottle of vodka itself. Throw some cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans in there and you have a brand new drink! If your looking for something more citrusy, toss some orange peels or lemon zest in there!

Last but not least, since everyone can relate to this, you can flavor your liquor up with your favorite juice. For example you could make yourself a screwdriver or perhaps a pineapple and vodka.  This is the easiest method and will certainly take care of that bottom shelf flavor once and for all.