Gaslamp-QuarterSan Diego is home to those California residents who know how to kick back and have a good time. It’s also been growing more every year and as that happens, awesome drinking opportunities continue to pop up.


One really interesting establishment that caught our attention is Vin de Syrah Spirit & Wine Parlor in SD’s Gaslamp District. When you walk in, the entire vibe is sort of reminiscent of New York and Paris mixed together if they fell down the rabbit hole. It’s got all the class of an amazing wine bar, but with a creative twist. They’ve got wine tastings and even a murder mystery night, but the cocktails stand out as fresh and delicious. Some of our favorites include L’eterno Triangolo  (prosecco, aperol, cocchi americano, & rose water) and Middle Earth (fortaleza anejo, martell vs cognac, carpano antica, benedictine, barrel aged, served with honey bitters).


On the other end of the spectrum is Aero Club, which was voted as one of America’s top dive bars by Maxim. It’s chill, laid-back and was built in 1947, so it has a lot of cool history behind it. The best part? They have more than 600 whiskeys. That’s more than any other bar in San Diego. Think we’re kidding? Check out their whiskey menu.


If you are a beer lover, San Diego is where you want to be. They have over 60 craft breweries and there are even companies that do brewery tours (you can get public or private tours). One of the best things we came across was a map/guide from the San Diego Brewer’s Guild; it’s a printable brewery and pub map that you can keep in your pocket as you make your way through San Diego. Some of the best breweries include Mission Brewery, Karl Strauss, and Stone Brewing Co. If you’re a beer enthusiast and you’re looking for the perfect time to visit San Diego, you may want to consider November 1-10 this year for San Diego’s annual Beer Week. You’ll be able to experience first-hand just how serious San Diego residents are about their craft beer.


We love the drinking scene in San Diego because the people are so fun and laid back about most things, but they take their drinking seriously. That’s a lifestyle we can definitely get behind.