Chicago is a champion drinking city and we think most of it has to do with the fact that they have to drink to get through the sucky winters, and then they drink through the summer to celebrate that the winter is over. Well played, Chicago.


Barrel House Flat ChicagoThere seems to be a bar for everyone in the “Windy City.” The Barrelhouse Flat has a cocktail menu to. die. for. It’s divided down the center and the right side is for shaken cocktails, while the left side is for stirred. We recommend the “Bizzy Izzy,” made with bonded rye whiskey, dry sherry, lemon, pineapple syrup, soda water and orange bitters.


Scofflaw ChicagoThis year, Chicago Magazine voted Scofflaw the absolute best bar in Chicago. It’s an amazing feat to be named the best bar in a huge city, but it’s even more amazing when you’ve only been around for a little over a year and you are primarily gin-focused. Their cocktails are creative, innovative, and fresh…and the best part? If you’re there at midnight, you get free chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven.


Half Acre Brewery ChicagoIf you’re more of a beer drinker, Chicago is where you want to be. They are huge supporters of the growing craft beer scene and you will never struggle to find a local brewery. One of the more popular joints in town is Half Acre Brewery. In 2010, they became the first brewer in Chicago to can beer (they prefer the 16oz tallboy) and they have created some amazing options over the years that boast a good sense of humor (and some interesting art work). You can drop by their store for drafts, cans & bombers, growler fills and even kegs. Check out their Tap Room and brewery tour as well.


Koval DistilleryFor another “hands on” experience, visit Chicago’s first craft distillery, Koval Distillery. They produce whiskey, vodka, liqueurs and other specialty spirits. You can take a tour of their distillery, visit their tasting room, or even take advantage of one of their whiskey workshops (learn and drink at the same time, if you dare).


Chicago is really one of the ultimate cities for drinkers, so if you don’t see something that suits your fancy in this article, we guarantee there’s still a bar/cocktail/brewery that will make you very happy.


What’s your favorite part of the Chicago drinking scene?