Sipping a hard apple cider on a beautiful, sunny spring day is one of our favorite activities, however for some, the bubbly beverage is often found to be too sweet. Whether you drink cider out of preference or have a gluten allergy, there is much more out there than the well-known brands on the sweeter side. If you prefer a sharper bite to your cider, look out for a dry, hops-infused cider. The hops gives the cider a sharper, bitterer twist creating a closer experience to the traditional beer.

Here are some we enjoy, just to list a few!

Woodchuck’s Hopsation
Balances between bitter and sweet. The hops add a whole new dimension to each bottle giving of hints of mint, pine, lemon and cedar.

Anthem’s Anthem Hops
After hopping for over three weeks, this lighter lagerish cider is full of citrus and floral aromas and ends with a slightly bitter hoppy finish.

Square Mile Cider Co’s Spur and Vine
This apple cider is hopped with Galaxy hops in cold conditions producing interesting hints of peach, melon and honeysuckle.